• March 7, 2020
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DMCC Uptown Tower, Dubai

The client chose to install Liberty Fire & Safety’s WES3 wireless temporary fire detection and alarm panels in the 78 storey Super Tower project because of the ease of installation and the reliability of communication in such a tall building.

Protecting the site’s workforce as well as the building itself are important factors for the customer which is why the Medical Alert feature appealed to the HSE Team. The separate Medical Alert pushbutton located on the same unit as the fire alarm ‘break glass’ immediately sends an alarm and location signal to the base station so that first responders can be dispatched to attend the medical emergency without delay and without the need for the casualty to risk being moved prematurely.

Naturally the integrity and robustness of the fire detection and alarm capability of the system were also prime requirements particularly when considering the height of finished building.

By utilising the SMS messaging capability of the base station, the client is getting 24/7 real time monitoring of the system delivered to 6 individual telephone numbers.


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