The latest temporary wireless fire alarm system with added benefits including medical alert, system polling, inspection delay, pre-alarm functions and full isolation test mode.


WES3 is the latest in fire and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. EN54 compliant, this advanced system has been engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies occurring on construction sites.

Building on the success of the WES+ range and using Ramtech’s expertise in wireless technology, WES3 offers additional features including:

Medical alert

Raise an alarm for a medical emergency any point in the network to the base station.

Optional inspection delay

Enables site managers to undertake staged evacuations.

Pre-alarm functions

Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level pre-alarm alert that does not warrant a full evacuation.

Full isolation system test mode

Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire system.

WES3 Products:

Base Station

The WES3 system Base Station provides access to extensive reporting and system functionality. The Base Station has a long battery life, wireless mobility and durability.
  • Programming function allows the editing of site name and SMS numbers directly from the unit.
  • Real time system log records activations and warnings to monitor activity and history across the whole WES system.
  • GSM version enables up to 6 users to receive configurable SMS notifications of alarm, tamper and system faults.
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability

Call Point

The WES3 system includes an integrated manually activated medical alert alarm, alongside the fire alarm, creating an even safer site.

The call point incorporates a fire alarm sounder and an optional strobe alert. The units installed in accordance with your fire plan will create a secure mesh network forming a site-wide alarm, triggered from any call point.

  • Integrated siren and manual call point with optional built-in strobe for high visibility.
  • Long battery life, reduces lifetime costs and improves compliance with waste regulations.
  • Unit numbering pinpoints which units trigger the alarm.
  • Ease of adding, removing and cloning units.
  • Transit mode to allow safe removal and storage without any risk of activation.

Dust-resistant Smoke and Heat Detectors

Provide 24/7 protection to the site by adding smoke and/or heat detectors to the WES3 solution. They are extremely easy to install, set up and operate.
  • Detection units are silent and connect directly to the WES system to activate the fire alarm system across the site in the event of smoke or abnormal heat detection.
  • Long battery life, externally tested for normal usage conditions, reducing lifetime cost
  • Activated unit flashes red LED for 30 minutes after activation to enable easy identification

All detectors act as an early warning of fire risk and link to the mesh radio network of the complete WES3 solution, maximising site safety.


The WES3 Interface unit allows you to connect the network to other systems, commonly access control, to aid efficiency and general protection across the site.

Interface units cannot be connected directly to mains current. A suitably qualified person is needed to connect WES to external systems.

Link Unit

The WES3 Radio Repeater Link unit extends the range of the WES system on large, complicated or high density construction sites. It is a cost-effective way of linking the system up to a wider network.
  • Long battery life, tested under normal operating conditions, reducing lifetime costs and need for constant replacement.
  • Anti-tamper controls to ensure system integrity and compliance
  • Transit mode to allow safe removal & storage without risk of activation

WES3 Connect

The range now includes our latest system control unit – WES3 CONNECT – which offers enhanced features over the standard bases station including:

  • Full 4G connectivity enabling off site communications and designed for REACT
  • Large, colour screen with new menus
  • Improved ergonomics via a new numerical keypad
  • This market-leading advanced system has been developed and engineered in-house by Ramtech to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites. WES3 comes with a market-leading two-year warranty.

WES3 Range Guide