• May 17, 2021
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EXPO 2020

3 more EXPO 2020 pavilions have taken advantage of the benefits of the EN54 Certified WES Wireless Temporary Fire Detection, Alarm and Evacuation system.

The Australian, Egypt and Japan Pavilions are very different in design, but they have one thing in common, they are all multi-level buildings.

Activation of any one WES alarm panel automatically activates all alarm sirens across the whole site, which is very important in multi-level buildings.

If the only unit to sound an alarm is the one nearest the fire, (which is the case in some systems), workers on other levels of the building will not be able to hear the alarm and will not be aware that they should evacuate.

Using the Dubai Civil Defence Approved WES panels ensures that all staff on site are aware immediately when they must evacuate the site, no matter how far from the incident they are, giving everyone enough time to evacuate safely.

In addition, the SMS feature on the Base Station unit will also automatically send SMS messages to up to 6 phone numbers, so even responsible staff that are not on site will know that the alarm system has been activated.

Please contact me for more information on how WES can protect your construction site, refurb project, fit out site or storage area.


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