• January 18, 2021
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EXPO 2020 – Belarus Pavilion

Hot on the heels of our recent success at the Belarus Pavilion, Liberty Fire and Safety have now supplied and installed the WES wireless temporary fire detection and alarm system to the China Pavilion.


The China Pavilion is one of the largest at EXPO2020 and is the latest to rely on the WES wireless system to protect it against the real threat of a fire during construction.


Despite the large size of the project, installation and commissioning of the WES fire alarm network was simple and quick because there are no interconnecting cables to install and no complicated set up programming to be done.


Once the locations of the Heat Detectors and Manual Call Points were determined, the units were installed in a matter of minutes and the system was put into service at the same time.


Plus the contractor can remove the units once the permanent fire alarm system has been activated and take it to his next project to be used again.


No cables, no fuss, no downtime.


Please contact me if you would like more details about the system.


Tim Young, Sales Director tim.young@libertyhg.com

050 200 4717

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