• January 18, 2021
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EXPO 2020 – Case Study

The most recent of the EXPO2020 country pavilions to install the WES wireless temporary fire detection, alarm and evacuation system is the Belarus Pavilion.


All 3 levels of the pavilion are protected against the damaging effects of fire by a combination of fully addressable Heat Detectors and Manual Call Points.

The Base Station, which is located in the nearby site offices, monitors all the units in the wireless network and notifies locally in the event of a fire. It also has the capability to send alarm notifications via SMS messaging to up to 6 telephone numbers, for any personal who are not on site but need to know.


As usual with WES, no cables also means that the units can be re-positioned on site as conditions change without the need for an electrical engineer or any reprogramming. Simply remove the unit from its current location and attach it at its new location – easy.


No cables, no fuss, no downtime.


Please contact me if you would like more details about the system.


Tim Young, Sales Director tim.young@libertyhg.com

050 200 4717

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