WES+, the first EN54 approved temporary wireless fire alarm system developed for the construction industry. Widely specified to meet and exceed HS&E requirements of construction sites, industrial and commercial property.


The original WES system was introduced in UK in 2009, the updated WES+ range was launched in 2014. Since then, it is recognized as the EN54 part 25 certified system of choice for leading construction contractors.

Practical design

WES+ provides construction sites with is a safe and practical solution. Being wireless and battery powered, it does not require cabling, it is quicker to install and commission and units can be repositioned easily around the site as required and re-used on other projects after the construction phase is complete.

High Performance

Designed and developed in the UK, WES+ is manufactured to ISO9001 and incorporates Class 1 (or category 1) wireless receivers, recommended for use in life protecting systems.

Key features

  • Cost-effective: No wiring needed, no need for specialist installation.
  • Reliable: Independently tested, CE marked and compliant with all key safety legislation.
  • Performance: Best quality Category 1 wireless radio frequency.
  • Durable: Long battery life reduces replacement costs and waste.
  • Practical: An unlimited number of units can be installed onsite
  • Multi-use: Units can be easily added, repositioned, removed and re-used on future projects.
  • Fully supported: Commissioning of systems, training and product helpline are provided as standard.
  • EN54 compliant: WES+ can be installed to BS5839, enabling use in temporary accommodation units.

WES+ App

The free WES+ App for Android tablets is available from Google Play and connects directly to the WES+ network via the WES+ Base station (USB cable required).

Key features

  • Easy access: Configure site and unit identification, monitor system logs, silent test activation, detailed unit information, full installation users’ manuals and SIM/GSM settings (on GSM enabled units).
  • Monitor: View individual unit and system alerts, including tamper warnings, battery condition, wireless signal performance and more
  • Export data: Export and record system data to pdf, csv or email.

WES+ system components

Base Station

  • WES+ base stations provide site wide reporting and configuration for the fire alarm system.
  • Wireless and battery powered eliminates inflexible wired control
  • Full reporting functionality combined with mobility and reusability.
  • Includes programming functions to edit site name, unit numbering and set up SMS alerts.
  • System log records activations and warnings to monitor activity and history.
  • GSM version enables up to 6 users to receive SMS notifications of alarm, tamper or system faults.
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability

Call Point

  • WES+ call points are the primary alert units in the WES wireless emergency system range.
  • Call points incorporates fire alarm sounder, optional strobe alert and a manual call point for activating the alarm.
  • Units are installed in accordance with the fire plan and when commissioned, will create a secure mesh network, forming a site-wide alarm.
  • Long battery life, reduces lifetime costs and need for constant replacement.
  • Unique identification pinpoints which units trigger in the event of an alarm.
  • Add, remove and clone units in a few button presses.
  • Transit mode to allow safe removal and storage without any risk of activation.


The WES+ Interface unit connects the WES+ temporary fire alarm to other alarms, building management and emergency systems, making sure the complete system works together.

  • WES+ fire alarm Interface allows the WES+ temporary fire alarm to connect to other building management and emergency systems, making sure the complete system works together.
  • The WES+ Interface unit will trigger and external system, or be triggered by an external system e.g. auto-dialer or access control.
  • Interface units do not connected to mains current and only suitably qualified person should connect the WES+ Interface to external systems.

Link Unit

  • The WES+ Radio Repeater Link unit is a simple and cost-effective way to extend the range of the WES+ temporary fire alarm system on large-scale sites.
  • Simply connect to existing WES+ units, set up on site and the unit will act as a relay to link together, separated sections of the site.
  • The link unit incorporates the same long battery life and anti-tamper controls to ensure system integrity and compliance.
  • Transit mode to allow safe removal & storage without risk of activation

Dust-resistant Smoke & Heat detectors

  • WES+ smoke & heat detectors protect the site around the clock. Battery powered automatic detectors are easy to install, straightforward to use and can be operational within minutes.
  • The range includes standard and dust-resilient smoke and heat detectors.
  • Detection units are silent and connect directly to the WES+ system to activate the fire alarm system across the site in the event of smoke and heat detection.
  • Long battery life, reduces lifetime costs and need for constant replacement.
  • Once activated, the detector unit flashes red LED for 30 minutes to enable easy identification.
  • All detectors send and receive radio signals, for maximum robustness of network coverage.
  • Early warning of fire risk to all site staff during the working day and site protection out of hours.

WES+ Range Guide