WES Hotspot

WES Hotspot help to prevents electrical fires before they start. Using innovative temperature detection technology, WES Hotspot reacts to excessive heat caused by electrical faults and overloads by cutting power and isolating the electrical circuit removing the ignition source.

WES Hotspot

Excessive heat caused by wiring faults and overloads are some of the leading causes of electrical fires. WES Hotspot prevents fires before they start by detecting excessive heat and cutting power to isolate the electrical circuit, removing the ignition source.

By monitoring abnormal heat within electrical components, connections and equipment, a potential fire risk can be transformed into a maintenance issue.

It is straightforward and easy to install Hotspot into in new applications and retrofit into existing consumer units and distribution boards. By responding to heat rather than electrical current, Hotspot is more intuitive than existing protective circuit devices such as MCB’s and RCD’s.

Key features

  • Heat monitoring devices suitable for use with consumer units, distribution boards, electrical sockets and devices
  • Instant power disconnection when abnormal heat is detected where supply is via an RCD
  • Immediate alert to key personnel via text, building alarm system or applications
  • Compliant with all wiring regulations and independently tested

System components

  • Multipoint heat sensor – Monitors temperatures at connection points within consumer units and distribution boards. Suitable for both early warning and isolation purposes.
  • Single point sensor – Designed to detect excessive heat within consumer units and distribution boards. Suitable for higher temperature monitoring from 80ºC to 240ºC
  • Enhanced twin socket – Supplied with inbuilt thermal protection and power isolation capability, these are suitable for installation on RCD or RCBO circuits.

Integrated fire prevention

The WES fire alarm interface will connect WES Hotspot into the WES+ fire alarm system, a third-party alarm system or a Building Management System.

WES Hotspot Range Guide