• October 4, 2020
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Mall Of The Emirates – Extension

Extension and refurbishment projects to existing buildings have their own unique problems to overcome.

A fire on a construction site can be devastating, but a fire on a site connected to, or inside an existing building adds the real danger of the fire spreading to that building and causing catastrophic damage.


The WES range of wireless temporary fire detection, alarm and evacuation panels can help reduce that risk by providing the earliest possible notification that a fire has started.

Having extra minutes at the start of a fire allows management teams to initiate emergency procedures earlier, which can be crucial to limiting the damaging effects of the fire and in stopping it spreading to adjacent buildings


That is one reason why the WES system was installed in the Mall Of The Emirates Extension project.

With thousands of staff and customers visiting the mall on a daily basis, managing the fire risk is a high priority and the WES system is the perfect solution.

Easy installation, site-wide alarms, addressable units and site office notifications are some of the features of the system that make it a natural choice.

EN54 Certification and Civil Defence Approval come as standard, providing a guarantee of quality.


Tim Young, Sales Director tim.young@libertyhg.com

050 200 4717

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