• October 15, 2020
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EXPO 2020 – Sweden Pavilion

The Sweden Pavilion at EXPO2020 is the latest in a long line of EXPO2020 pavilions to have WES wireless temporary fire detection, alarm and evacuation panels installed.


The mostly wooden structure has a basement plus four upper floors, making it one of the larger pavilions. However, the project size has not caused any problems for the WES range.

No matter which unit in the system is activated, all of the alarms in the system will sound.


The project now has site-wide fire protection that will be heard by everyone on site in the event of an emergency, allowing timely evacuation and the chance to minimise the damage caused by a fire.

As with all WES units, our partner can reuse the temporary system on a different project once the building’s permanent fire alarm system has been connected.

Please contact me if you would like more details about the system.

Tim Young, Sales Director tim.young@libertyhg.com

050 200 4717

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