• December 30, 2020
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EXPO 2020 – Austria Pavilion

Many of the country pavilions at EXPO 2020 have unusual shapes, it’s almost a pre-requisite.

But one of the most unusual is the Austrian Pavilion.


A series of tall cone-shaped ‘spires’ join together to create the roof of the pavilion which would present a problem for any wired fire detection and alarm system, but because the WES system is wireless, installation was simple and operation is trouble-free.


No cables also means that the units can be re-positioned on site as conditions change without the need for an electrical engineer or any reprogramming. Simply remove the unit from its current location and attach it at its new location – easy.


No cables, no fuss, no downtime.


Please contact me if you would like more details about the system.


Tim Young, Sales Director tim.young@libertyhg.com

050 200 4717

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